Accession mapping file update in addition to meganDB file

I know MEGAN V6 has switched over to the MeganMapDB mapping file, but I’m having some difficulties getting that to work with a blast outfmt 6 tabular file. I can get it working using the 2019 accession .abin file though. So I was wondering if you could provide an updated 2020 MEGAN accession .abin file?

My current setup won’t work with DIAMOND, which I’ve seen in other posts is recommended, and while I usually prefer to use the full blast format to be able to view alignments, my current blast files are too large (>100 gb) to put into MEGAN without running out of memory or having the program crash.

Thanks for your help!

I have produced one for you, you will be able to download it here:

Thanks, is this protein one though? Any chance you could do the same with the nucleotide accession mapping file, nucl_acc2tax?