acc2eggnog-Nov2016X file not available

Hello everybody,
I am trying to download all the required file from the website of Megan6 download Page, but for acc2eggnog-Nov2016X it seems not to work. This is the message I obtain when I click on its link

The requested URL /data/software/megan6/download/ was not found on this server.

Is there a temporary problem with it?

Thank you so much


Hello again,
I was wondering if it is possible to use instead of acc2eggnog-Nov2016X?

Thanks in advance


Dear Beatriz,

I have just fixed the link to the acc2eggnog file on

Note that gi mapping files only work for old versions of NCBI-nr that were downloaded from NCBI before September 2016.


Dear Daniel,
Thank you so much for your prompt answer.
I know that from September 2016, the GI numbers were removed from NCBI-nr sequences. Since the sequences I am using were downloaded in January 2017, I will used files not containing GI numbers

Thank you again

See you