Aadder-build java.lang.NullPointerException with new .db file

Hi Daniel,

I’m trying to use aadder-build in MEGAN6 version 18_3 on Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS with the new database provided in October (megan-nucl-Oct2019.db), but get a java.lang.NullPointerException. I’ve attached the snakefile with the script I used, the error message, and it won’t let me upload more than 2 files so I’m not able to attach the first 3 gff files from list I’m trying to build the AADDER database with.

A colleague previously successfully ran aadder-build from MEGAN6 version 13 with an old database (nucl_acc2tax-Nov2018.abin) and the same directory of gff files on the same computer, so I also installed MEGAN6 version 13 and tried my script again with the aadder-build script from v6_13 and the new database (megan-nucl-Oct2019.db). This gave the same java.lang.NullPointerException error that I got with aadder-build from MEGAN6 v. 18_3. Is the aadder-build script updated for the new .db database?

slurm.16326764.err (3.4 KB)
aadder.Snakefile (6.0 KB)


Hi Irina,

I just took a look at your error output. You supplied a mapping.db file (database of accession to mappings).
However, aadder-build currently still requires old-style mapping files (ending on .abin). There is a link to the old-style mapping files on the MEGAN6 download page.

I have modified the program so that it will also accept a mapping file and this will be available with the next release.

That will be very helpful, thank you!