MEGAN UE Offline command line mode

I have to work with MEGAN on several hundred samples and command line mode is the only option for me.

I work in a network filesystem where computation and storage occur in different servers. I never use MEGAN in my local computer as it is unfeasible to analyze one sample at a time.

So far I have worked in a compute server with the xvfb-run, the problem I have is when trying to run MEGAN in a cluster node with no internet access.

The process starts but stalls after a few minutes and then nothing happens, no error message.

Additionally, if an update is published, the same stalling happens when running MEGAN in command mode with xvfb.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

So I got to work around this:

I enabled X forwarding on my cluster job and started MEGAN normally. I got a window saying there was no internet connection but with the option of connecting via a proxy. Once I set that up, MEGAN ran normally.

Then I started my cluster job normally with no X forwarding and running MEGAN in command line mode via xvfb, works like a charm.

Hi Julian

sounds like MEGAN was installed with the option for checking for updates. Reinstall without selecting that option should fix the problem

Best wishes