Generic pipeline using DIAMOND and MEGAN6

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I’ve tried the above guidelines and when I import my .rma files into MEGAN, none of the reads could be assigned to anything. There is basically always a long line between the root and the bubble that says “not assigned” with nothing inbetween. Do you have any suggestions what might be causing this? Am I perhaps using the wrong GI-to-NCBI mapping files? I’ve downloaded them from there: .


GI numbers are no longer supported by NCBI. Only use a GI mapping file if you are using a very old NCBI database. For recent data, use the accession mapping file.

I want to install Diamond into a Windows 10 computer.

I visited

but failed to find how to install diamond in to a windows computer.

Where can I find the .exe or an installer programme of Diamond?

As far as I know, DIAMOND doesn’t run on windows


I am running MEGAN6. My query file has 120,000 amino acid sequences and I am doing diamond blastp. I will run daa2rma on the blastp output, and include KEGG, SEED, COG and others.

Lengths of my amino acid sequences are in the range of 12-2,000. My question is: should I change any default parameters?


Can I get a bit more description?
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Is it possible to run KEGG and SEED without the license key in MEGAN CE? I tried to run KEGG, was unsuccessful due to the required license key…

unfortunately, KEGG requires a license, so while you can run KEGG using MEGAN CE, it uses KEGG version dating back to 2011…
The current KEGG mapping file only works with MEGAN UE

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Does this generic diamond megan workflow requires UE edition? I have generated the daa files using diamond, but I cannot work it out in the community edition of megan 6.


No, the generic DIAMOND+MEGAN pipeline uses the Community Edition


Hi Daniel I have the Ultimate edition and just ran a blastp search in diamond on 24 files (divided into 4 samples). I am a little confused on what I am supposed to do now. I have been reading over the discussion here and see that I need to “meganize” my .daa files (well the extension is a .out file but I suppose I can change them to .daa since they are just text files). I see and option in the GUI for meganizing but I am unfamiliar with some of the other options. Should I be following the same workflow as you stated above in the original posts or do I need to do something different?

You need to run DIAMOND so that it produces a .daa file, using format 100
To meganize the files you can either use the GUI and Meganize command, or use the the command line program tools/daa-meganizer
The key parameters are:

  • long reads? Are you processing long reads or contigs, then use the long read mode (but you should then have also used the long read mode of DIAMOND)
  • Mapping files. MEGAN uses mapping files that map NCBI accessions to taxa and functions. You need to download these from the MEGAN6 download webpage and then set them as options.
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Can I ask what parameters were used in this pipeline? I am interested in using MEGAN to get the taxonomic classification of reads at a genus level. I found papers citing parameters of MEGAN (eg. Min support percent: 80, Min support: 15, Min complexity filter: 0.3, LCA algorithm: weighted). I couldn’t find these parameters in your code.

They are on the LCA Parameters tab:

What is the next step after getting the rma file, if I want to get the taxonomy information using the MEGAN6_Community version?

Open the file in MEGAN… explore interactively… Use the File->Export menu items to export to different formats…

What if I am using MEGAN_Community in linux?There is no " File->Export menu ". I have not found the method for MEGAN_Community_linux_vertion in command-line? I am confused about it. I have installed the MEGAN_Community in linux, but I have no idea how to use it in command-line to get the taxonomy information. The methods in “MANUAL” are for the interface version or the Ultimate(command) vertion, but no information for MEGAN_Community_linux_version(I think it have to work in command-line, it’s not?). Is the MEGAN6_Community_linux an interface vertion or a command vertion? I am really confused, need help.

Did you do the taxonomy classification based on only one paired data? I am facing the same question with you now.

Many thanks for this describtions.

Can you please provide link to download gi_taxid.bin and link to download gi2kegg.bin ?

Also, how I can get 10daa/reads.daa ?

I am working with long reads, do I need to add specific parameter for that ? Like – LongReads ? ?

Maybe if it is possible to demonstrate the full pipeline on youtube channel for megan. Otherwise, I am vrry thankfull if you please answer the above two questions.

Thank you for your support